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image of Jikara Liddy, the Ascension Coach

I help people to recognise their light so that they can live a more colourful life. I specifically help people move from experiencing chaos to activating clarity in times of transition such as:

Required shift in vocation or lifestyle due to a lack of direction,
passion or ill health

Key astrological periods (major points in life for reflection):

  • Saturn return age 27-29
  • Mid-life review or crisis 38-43 (around the time of their Saturn & Half return)
  • Chiron Return around age 50
  • When life turns you upside down!

I support people when all feels lost.  In those times when there’s a dark cloud overhead – you know those days when the clouds will find you to rain on your parade even further.  Or when it feels like Groundhog Day, that everything stays the same, that nothing will ever change where you feel trapped, stuck or alienated.

I guide people with their transformation from these times of chaos to work through their anguish, pain & suffering providing them with tools so that they can kick-start their life, find momentum and discover all that they need to create freedom, clarity and joy as a constant in their lives.

Are you at the stage of your life where you’re wondering what to do next to move beyond the mundane reality?

Is there a burning desire within you to discover your true potential?

Have you ever wondered about these two questions and thought

“I just don’t know where to start?”

Well, we all need inspiration and a little guidance along the way. As we evolve, turning our attention inward, we begin to understand that “No man is an island” and the implications of this.  It is important to seek guidance as we dig deeper within ourselves. As we do this we become more responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds. Facing our life challenges head on, we learn to see the gifts in the circumstances that are presented to us. When we consciously turn our challenges into gifts then we can experience the joy in our lives.

What challenges are you facing?

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