The Colour Yellow – Apply the 5 levels to your being

Yellow Aura-Soma Overview

  1. Symbolic – Light
  2. Spiritual – Individual Will
  3. Mental – Knowledge
  4. Emotional – Happiness, Joy
  5. Energetic – Solar Plexus


Moving into winter has been epic for many including myself.  Releasing the old on a psychological level, letting go of old attachments that no longer serve us with our preparation for the winter solstice is very much the same as the trees losing their leaves preparing for hibernation to go within to replenish their systems.  It seems every change of season my body takes it upon itself to force me stop.  The start of this winter I have been sick for 2 weeks with a dreaded cold.  Unable to do anything.  

Melbourne is a perfect location in the world to truly experience the seasons.  As much as my self-knowledge knows that it is a time to wind down, the active calendar of my life continues as I work 36hrs/week in corporate, run my own small business as The Ascension Coach, study an Advanced Diploma in Group Facilitation as well as involvement with a Mastermind group…it’s no wonder that my physical body gave out and forced me to rest to reset for this transition.

Currently I am using B12 Peace in the New Aeon (white/blue).  During the time of sickness it has helped me to surrender and recognise areas in my life calling for me to lay down my arms and draw a line for peace.  Interestingly, a blue line in my bottle was drawn above the white line to literally draw a line for peace.  To assist me with my energetic being in this time of sickness I have been drawn to the white pomander as “the doctor” to help with the ease of suffering and to understand my suffering.  However, it still wasn’t enough.  

Living in my pjs for a week or more and moving from the bed to couch, I had totally checked out.  When I finally had the energy to get changed into something other than sleepwear, I instinctively reached for anything that was yellow.  Wearing yellow I started to come back to life.  It was like a lightbulb went off in my mind ‘Hmmm…How can I get more of this yellow?  Ah, go outside and soak up the rays of the sunlight.’  Of course!  The Sun / the Light – the source of growth.  It’s so interesting we can have all this self-knowledge and completely forget the most simplest of things…

I find it fascinating that I am experiencing this with the winter solstice almost upon us marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and longest night of the year.  It’s in these dark times where we need to consider what’s not working for us and what parts of ourselves we need to heal.  For me this marks the need to let go of having to do everything and instead turn my attention to making time for creativity.  When I am creative, I feel joyful & happy (the corresponding emotional level of the yellow ray).  That “sunny” feeling aligns me with my faery friends, feeling the lighter side of life.  I remember to call on my angels to help remove the blocks that I am experiencing.  I attune with nature and the elements reminding me of this living breathing planetary existence that I’m a part of.  At the same time, I acknowledge these ‘dark times’ are completely necessary part of the process as they bring about the learning and the consequential gifts.

Scrolling through my journal notes looking back to the end of spring in 2014, I found my notes when using B51 Kuthumi (pale yellow/pale yellow).  At that time I felt this alchemical substance was indeed an energetic bridge helping me to connect with the angels and devas.  I also felt the urge to use B50 El Morya (pale blue/pale blue) at the same time to actualize the experience in my being; to bring the experience into the Earthly plane…to bring Spirit into Matter.  Highlighted above this correlates to my more recent experience of using the B12 (clear/blue = pale blue) where there’s a need to align these energies of the yellow & blue.  With our spiritual being, our individuality, the individual will (yellow) needs to align with Thy Will (which is the blue).  

As I slowly crawl my way back to health I have been using the yellow pomander and the Kuthumi quintessence.  It’s an active energetic support to bring about the sunlight when the sun is in hiding.  It’s helping me to recognise my feelings of fear that have been arising as I continue to prepare for this Winter Solstice.  As I look to the angels and nature devas for support, inspiration and guidance, I sense my individual will aligning with the Higher will allowing joy & happiness to arise in the glum of winter.  


Yellow Pomander: Use the yellow to bring back your sparkle and as an antidote to the blues that can be experienced in winter.  Very helpful & supportive to address fears and negative thoughts.


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