I’m learning to live in the moment and appreciating that my past has got me to now.
"Before I started coaching with Jikara I was pretty stressed and feeling unfulfilled with my life. I was in a new continent with limited knowledge of my environment, like a fish out of the tank, if you will. This state of mind made me sink deeper into depression and made me worry about my outlook, my health, the way I communicate with people and even my relations with family and friends. It was an unhappy place… Within 6 months everything has changed. I can count at least 50 things that I feel better about now, sincerely. Let me give you some quantifiable examples. I quit smoking after 10+ years; I was smoking a pack a day when I first starting coaching with Jikara. Not anymore! Also, I lost heaps of weight and started training regularly. I actually ended up stepping into ring for a professional boxing match with another heavy weight boxer. Do you remember feeling invincible when you were young and stupid? That’s how I felt in that ring when the referee raised my hand as victor at the end of the match! Well minus the stupid part I guess...In addition I have had some lessons to improve my communication skills, which has changed both my professional and personal relations with the people around me. I don’t want to go into more personal details but let me tell you this; I have learned to smile. Over the last 10 months with Jikara I’ve realised the time is now to make changes. Having this outlook and knowing all the things I have accomplished have made me understand that. Rather than always looking ahead getting overloaded with everything I’m learning to live in the moment and appreciating that my past has got me to now. I’m not saying that I’ve figured it all out yet but I feel really good about myself as I will train harder, get better, work harder, earn more, travel more, live more as now all of these things are embedded parts of the current course of my life."