Now that you have uncovered your top 5 natural strengths through the free VIA Survey (Virtues in Action survey) and you’ve now made the decision to take the next step on your journey towards self empowerment, please complete The Ascension Coach questionnaire below so that we can uncover exactly where you are at right now.

Important things to note about coaching:

  • Coaching is 100% all about you and is completely confidential
  • The greater your participation, the greater the outcome will be for you
  • I am here to facilitate wellness through asking questions of yourself so that you may achieve what it is that makes you happy
  • There are a number of questions relating to employment as we spend a great deal of our lives at work
  • My hope is that you able to ascend to your highest potential in all areas of your life
  • Please leave any questions that you do not feel comfortable in answering

The Ascension Coach Questionnaire

    Personal Details

  • Employment Details

  • About You

  • What are your future career goals? Please provide an overall statement and then break this down. If you’re stuck, imagine your dream career and use this process of what you need to do over the next 10 years to obtain your career goals letting go of any limiting thoughts.
  • Agreement

  • Confidentiality: I understand that my Coach is prohibited from disclosing any information the client reveals to the Coach. I understand coaching with Jikara Liddy is not therapy. I understand that Jikara Liddy is not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or doctor and I will seek appropriate medical or therapeutic help as needed. I understand that working with Jikara may bring up emotional states and I am fully responsible for managing myself and my state. I take 100% responsibility for the actions I take while working with Jikara Liddy. I enter this relationship taking full responsibility for my participation in it and do not hold Jikara Liddy responsible for my choices. I release Jikara Liddy from any liability or outcomes resulting from coaching. Appointment Scheduling and Payment of Fees: Cancellation without charge requires 48 hours notice prior to scheduled time. Payment will be made prior to coaching session commencement and is non-refundable once coaching has taken place. I have read the above information and understand my rights as a Client, and by electronically submitting this form I agree to this