Through coaching I guide clients to transcend duality and I offer the means of raising one’s vibration through the use of Aura-Soma which is essentially soul colour therapy. I guide individuals to obtain clarity of the self through coaching, breathing and meditation techniques. We work on purifying one’s thoughts, cleansing emotions and choosing one’s highest good so that we can radiate at one’s highest level of being so that we are in the position to radiate joy and express the true colours that we are. It is my very wish to help people to remember their birthright; to be the stars that they are…To be the light.

My style of coaching that I offer varies for the clients’ needs. I like to work with the client’s strengths and encourage the positive whilst addressing the negative, be it tendencies or certain situations.  Take the VIA (Virtues In Action) questionnaire to ascertain your strengths below now.

As The Ascension Coach my emphasis is on finding ways to tap into one’s highest potential to live a love-based life rather than fear-based so we’ll get down deep to ascertain what really matters to transcend non-productive behaviour so as to live the life you were born to. I often will use traditional methods such as goal oriented sessions using NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) techniques either subtly working with your subconscious or as a conscious stream of coaching.

I also like to work with oracle cards as a way to communicate with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Elementals and our Spiritual Guides tapping into higher dimensions that are waiting there to help us.

  • Develop a specialized practice that suits every individual needs
  • Assist client to choose a physical practice to suit one’s needs
  • Meditation – variety of techniques to assist with purifying thoughts
  • Breathing exercises to assist with stilling the mind
  • Affirmations to remind the conscious mind for better direction
  • Daily prayer to reinforce intentions and gratefulness
  • Chanting to explore one’s per-sona and charge up one’s chakras
  • Ritual for creating space to fulfill one’s needs; and
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Coaching sessions to develop focus and clarity
  • Coaching sessions to devise sustained methods to achieving and maintaining balance
  • Promote nutrition, sound sleeping rituals, rest, fun, creative pursuits
  • Creating rituals for self to create inner peace
  • Explore the wheel of life; and
  • Explore one’s goals

To experience coaching with a spiritual focus allows your higher consciousness to lead the way.  Do your soul a favour and take the high road with spiritual coaching.


Aura-Soma is colour therapy for the soul. To understand what is Aura-Soma we can start by breaking down the words to lead us into the direction to the true heart of Aura-Soma. “Aura” means light. Furthermore, it refers to the coloured light within our soul. The word “Soma” essentially means body and ultimately it refers to the embodiment of the physical body I.e. the being who resides in the body. Aura-Soma is a gift from Spirit to provide us the tools to connect with our Light-Being.

Vicky Wall, the creator of Aura-Soma, saysYou are the colours you choose and these reflect the beings needs

Currently there are 116 equilibrium bottles to choose from the Aura-Soma set.  The latest bottle was born on December 1st, 2017.

B115 Archangel Khemiel and Ariel – Orange/Red

B115 Archangel Khemiel and Ariel – Orange/Red

The order one chooses the 4 bottles tells a story of the individual and can provide a means to understand one’s soul gifts and personality talents, one’s challenges & opportunities that are at present, ability to reflect on the current moment in time and a means to leap to the solution within an instant…well sometimes! Change takes as long as it needs to take in order to learn the lesson.

Aura-Soma is a multidimensional therapy. It is so much more than colour. It encompasses everything to explore one’s potential including Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Crystals, Essences to working with Archangels, Ascended Masters and the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah.

To enhance the work undertaken in the session, an equilibrium bottle is chosen to be used daily to assist the process of transformation. In addition, a pomander and quintessence are recommended to boost the positive way forward and are to be used periodically throughout the day to generate an avenue to raise one’s vibration.

To experience an Aura-Soma consultation in its truest sense is to be present in person with the bottles as they are living, breathing entities with the ability to literally transform. In a consultation the client chooses 4 bottles and these reflect the colours literally of the client.


Oracle cards are an ancient, time-honoured way to connect with angels and spirit guides.  They’re based on upon Pythagorean numerology, which states that all numbers and images vibrate in mathematically precise ways.  Oracle cards operate under the Law of Attraction so it means that the client’s questions will always attract exactly the perfect answer as the answer will match the vibration of the question.

Doreen Virtue, PHD., has blessed us with so many wonderful oracle card decks to cover a multitude of questions.  The most common types of readings fall under 3 main categories:

  1.  Life purpose
  2.  Romance
  3.  Health

Depending on the question, a certain oracle deck will be used and possibly combined with other decks to seek further clarification for the situation.  Angel Tarot Cards are another divinatory tool that Doreen Virtue has created together with Radleigh Valentine.  These tarot cards are a compassionate and gentle way to communicate with Heaven removing any fear, worry or secrecy from the process as every card is a message of love leading us to happiness.

On occasions oracle cards by Stewart Pearce (working with the Archangels), Diane Cooper (Ascension) and others (such as the Liquid Crystal Oracle) will be used if deemed appropriate.

If there’s too much noise, it can be difficult to hear the Angels’ advice. Take a moment in time to experience guidance from the Angels.


The 72 Angels tradition is a powerful spiritual tool for all walks of life. It dates back to 12th-15th centuries where it was systematized in France and Spain by the coming together of mystics and scholars from several traditions including Hebrews, Christians, Sufis, Neoplatonists and spiritual alchemists who believed that all had the right to experience a personal relationship with the Divine. It was suppressed by the Spanish Inquisition and then was rediscovered in 1975 excavation of a Kabbalah school in Gerona, Spain.

In this multi-traditional Kabbalistic cosmology, each Angel has a specific name, quality and function. They govern and oversee particular days and relate to specific astrological aspects.  The 72 Angels and their over-lighting Archangels are depicted in the Tree of Life (a symbolic template representing the stages of Divine Emanation in the created world, the roots and branches of which entwine the four realms of the Heavens on Earth within four human planes of being i.e. spiritual, emotional, mental and physical). The 72 Angels help us to harvest the light seeds of Divinity within us so that we can fulfill our ultimate potential.

Become acquainted with your own Angels who are protecting and helping you to learn certain lessons for this incarnation.  Through the Aura-Soma system together with the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah learn about your Guardian, Heart and Intellect Angels and their principles plus learn about the corresponding Aura-Soma bottle attributes.  Date and time of birth is required.  Learn how to invoke, imbibe and embody the Angels & their qualities.

Guardian Angel – reflects in our physicality and purpose.  Expresses qualities of the Divine Being and Will through human will.  It corresponds to your five-day period of birth, your physical being and the qualities, challenges and potentials of your life-work.

Heart Angel – reflects in our emotional being and expresses qualities of Divine Love through the feelings, intuitions and wisdoms of the human heart.  The heart angel is for five separate days of the year of which the exact birthday is one. Carries the possibility of an enormous awakening and the reconnection to the wave of love.

Intellect Angel – reflects in our mental being and expresses the qualities, challenges and potentials of the Divine Mind.  Also the capacity for cultivation of higher mind and greater awareness.  All 72 Angels have a 20 minute period during the 24 hours of each day that they oversee.

 The lightness of your being is the potential of the angel that you are

Calling in the Angels helps us to me more present. Greet the star that you are and lift your vibration. Become acquainted with your Guardian, Heart and Intellect Angels.


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Yoga is a multidimensional therapy. The word “yoga” means union. This can be achieved by physical means by “Hatha” Yoga – union by bodily and mind control by method of practicing asanas (poses).Other means of achieving union are by devotion which is “Raja” Yoga. Another is “Karma” Yoga which is union by service. Or there is “Gnana” Yoga which is union by knowledge (meditation).

Iyengar Yoga is branch of Hatha Yoga which is the style of Yoga I have been trained in with an Introductory Level II certificate. Yogacharya B.K.S Iyengar is one of the main people responsible for bringing yoga to the west. The Iyengar Yoga way denotes a style of its own using items such as props to assist the individual to gain maximum benefit of the pose; attention to detail; sequencing; to excellence.

For those currently residing in Melbourne, Australia

  • 1-1 Yoga classes are available by request
  • Group of 8 students or more at own available venue by request
  • COMING SOON – Free classes available to download once details provided for mailing list

* Coming Soon- The Ascension Coach Mediation Series 

Meditation is the practice of training one’s mind whilst actually building one’s level of consciousness which in turn provides benefits to whole system. The most important part of meditation is doing it and can often be the hardest part: simply to discipline yourself to make time to sit and meditate. Therefore when starting out, it’s important to commit to the practice chosen. There are many techniques to choose from to promote relaxation, restore balance, build internal energy, develop love and compassion to forgiveness to developing single pointed focus.

Meditation assists to clear the mind and helps to energise the entire chakra system which in turn eases many health issues such as high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. Once established, meditation becomes part of your life and creates a calming effect directing awareness inward. It is this pure awareness of Self that is the aim.

Chanting can also be a great prelude to meditation. It tells the mind and body that you are ready to meditate and prepares the way for the experience. Chanting helps to slow down the “busyness” of everyday life and helps direct one’s way towards the stillness. Chanting helps you to connect with your heart and get out of your head. I highly recommend Stewart Pearce’s meditation techniques which include chanting – refer link below.

Heart’s Note Meditations series (iTunes)

Reiki is an ancient “laying of hands” healing system. As the Reiki Channel, I am acting as a facilitator of the light for healing of the client’s energy field. Healing can also be done remotely which is known as absent healing. Absent healing is what I do mostly and will use this technique as a matter of course. There is no fee for Reiki.

Letting go of the external world and our identities allows us the opportunity to explore our inner world that is so rich with love.  Take time to breathe.



Using the power of colour & light on the pathways, healing sessions incorporate light application to energy points in the subtle bodies and on the skin directly affecting the corresponding meridian or organ.  A number of methods including working with the chakras are available.

Block of 10 sessions preferred when working with the light body in this way.  Deep insights are imminent.  Promotes deep relaxation.

Session includes mini Aura-Soma consultation to prepare for the Beamer Light Pen healing.

Session time is approximately 75 minutes

Cost $110 / session

Wear white or light coloured clothing