Potions – The Ascension Coach Essential Oil blends

All my essential oil blends use doTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil and doTERRA essential oils.  I do also include essences (flower, light or colour which includes tree energies) and crystals to enhance the magic further.  My oil blends come in 10ml roller ball bottle and will often have a crystal ball roller.  Apply as intuitively guided.  All blends come with Affirmation. Cost $30 + postage.

Current potions available for purchase

Custom Angel Potion $30

+ $10 flat rate shipping throughout Australia

  • Your unique Birth Angel corresponding essential oils
  • Colour essences to up-level the qualities further
  • Crystals
  • All blends activated with Crystal Singing Pyramid for highest potency
  • Base: Fractionated Coconut Oil
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