Renunciation for the modern world?  It’s never been so valid.  In a world of consumerism it appears that this perfection is all but lost.  However, if we look to the Eastern world, we are likely to find so many happy people for the sake of being happy with minimal possessions.  There is little attachment.  The opposite is happening in the western world.  It’s a mindset of the more one acquires, the happier one is.  These statements may be seen as sweeping generalisations but what I’m wanting to convey is that money and wanting to acquire more & more possessions is leading us in the opposite direction for our required evolvement.  If anything, one would hope money would allow us to make better choices so that we may help people who are less fortunate than ourselves.  It’s no secret how the rich are currently ruling the world.  Nonetheless, let this not be a deterrent but motivation for one by one individual to join the private revolution!

Each one of us has the power to step out of the madness of the consumer driven world and instead turn our attention to how we can be selfless and disinterested in what that money driven world stands for.  Greed is a sickness.  Have you seen the documentary “I AM”?  For those who haven’t, it is the journey of the director of Ace Venturer, Tom Shadyac, who is looking for the answers to what is wrong with the world.  Tom through dealing with his own ‘dis-ease’ turns to spiritual leaders of the world to find out in the end what is right with the world.  Tom’s journey is very healing and discusses this mental sickness around greed.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet – As Tom states, we do have the power to change the world.

Renunciation is actually our ticket to saying goodbye to this transitory existence of duality.  When we are selfless & can sacrifice pleasures for the sake of others and let go of being selfish & self possessive, we allow ourselves permission to make a difference in this world.  If more of us move towards perfecting renunciation, duality is little match for love.  This is what we are moving towards.  Each individual with a choice in each moment can make a difference.  The movement is already happening…get on board and let’s tip the scale in favour of love rather than greed.

In Sri’Ama Qala Phoenix’s book, Opening our Spiritual Eyes, she says the following, “Through the natural process of the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, more and more souls from the soul pod that holds only consciousness of self will awaken to increase the percentage of awakened souls to over 50 percent, which will generate a shift within the wheel of karma.  Our collective will then be able to receive dispensations to be able to clear some of the oldest karma of the Earth for the freedom of those souls who are still unconscious.  The Divine Plan for humanity is not a complex plan, although it is diverse and multidimensional in its nature.  The basis of the plan is the return to the truth of one’s soul and the expression of one’s true spirit as a human being”.

Imagine…go on imagine!  I dare you to believe!  It’s that easy.  We live in a co-creative world.  Let’s co-create Heaven right here on planet Earth.

Aura Soma tip – Deep Magenta – Using this pomander provides the energy we need, bringing the love from above into our auric field so we can put love into the little things and then the big events are more likely to take care of themselves.  It harmonises our intellect and instinct, opening us to an increased quality of consciousness and understanding.