To find our deepest truth we need to create the space to know ourselves better. It can be difficult to face ourselves at times and the longer we’ve checked out from ourselves, the more difficult it can be to check back in. However, we can make it as easy or hard as we like. Life is always teaching us ways to come back to being. It could be difficult interactions with others around us, getting sick or simply things just not working on any level. If we can step back from the problem, often we can see the face of truth staring right at us. We just need to be honest with ourselves. Ask yourself why this is happening and what can I do change the situation to create a win/win/win? It might not be easy to say something, do something or take a different approach but we must in order to evolve.

So how can we help ourselves to come back to acknowledging our own being? The best way is to take time to meditate, to check in with ourselves daily. Even if it’s 5-15 minutes / day in the beginning to establish a regular practice. Do whatever you can commit to. Of course, starting out with meditation the monkey mind is doing its best to take control. However over time, you’ll learn to quiet the mind. Then you’ll notice the thoughts that continue to come up urging you to take action and these are indeed the thoughts that we must address.

If these thoughts are words we need to speak to someone to resolve an issue and we feel we are unable to voice these concerns, taking the time to write it down to acknowledge how we feel can be an excellent way to gain clarity; to address the truth. It’s even better to go a step further and burn that piece of paper to let go of attachment to that issue that we’re holding on to which now no longer serves us.

Sometimes, it can be very painful emotionally to be truthful as we may not want to offend others. However, we must find a way to not hide the truth to be polite. We must speak our truth quietly and clearly. Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself and others. It may be the hardest thing to do however in the end it can be the most liberating experience. Catch yourself out if you’re lying to yourself or telling yourself it doesn’t matter. Ask yourself why is it necessary to kid myself or please others to disregard my own needs? In facing the truth you’re likely to uncover the gold within that’s been waiting for you to find.

To live a life of integrity and honesty is certainly a perfection to strive for. The more honest we can be with ourselves and others, the more life reveals that we do know what’s best for us, that we can trust own instincts, our gut reaction or our intuition.

Need help to find your way back to the truth? Call upon Master Hilarion 3 times for assistance. Master Hilarion stands for the Way, the Light and the Truth. Master Hilarion is the master of the green ray representing qualities of the heart, the truth, heartfelt direction, awareness and inner space. Working with Hilarion helps us to find ourselves and helps to clear inner & outer deception to find the soul’s truth.

Green kyanite is also helpful to live from the heart’s truth. This stone assists in directing one to look in rather than looking outwards for answers and helps to discern the truth in one’s environment acting as a sincerity detector!

Stick to the path of truth and do whatever you can to remain true to who you are! Stand up for what you believe in even if you’re standing alone!

Aura-Soma tip – use the green pomander to tap into your heartfelt truth and create space for yourself & others.