Patience is certainly a virtue and something that we can all learn.  I guess it depends on maturity mostly and our willingness to be patient.  As children we’ve really got no concept of time.  It’s all about that moment and wanting whatever it is in that moment NOW!  As we get older and let go of our childish ways we realise that we need to learn patience to obtain whatever it is we desire including our ultimate happiness.

Of course there’s many forms of patience and not only do we need to learn to be internally patient with ourselves to grow, obtain our goals and care for ourselves, we also need to learn to be patient with others and external situations.  The parent is tested with their patience when the child is being impatient demanding whatever it is they want in that moment.  How well the parent can tolerate the situation will ultimately determine their level of patience and also their level of positivity.  The more patient one is, the more likely they are able to see the good and beautiful in all.

So how do we build up our tolerance and patience exactly?  What about when people are being incredibly testing and not co-operating with you?  Or what about when your plane is delayed and you’ve had a really long day and you just want to get home?  What then?  It comes back to compassion, mindset and strategy.  Compassion for others comes when our heart remains open even in the most testing situations.  Holding the belief that everyone is doing the best they can at any point in time is really an empowering position for all concerned.  We can step back and realise that the person who is not co-operating with us is the sum of all their experiences to that point in time.  The resolution then is likely to require taking the time to really listen on our part; sending them love energetically; and maintaining one’s own ground without having to get caught into their ‘drama’.  I like to bring things back to see how a win/win/win resolution could occur.  When I lead with this strategy ultimately everyone ends up happy.  Situations with a plane delays or something of that nature, might be an opportunity instead to get on the phone and have a good natter with a friend.  Or alternatively strike up a conversation with a stranger or read that book that you had every intention of reading.  It’s turning the negative into a positive and consequently building up one’s patience!

For me technology is the area where I need to implore a great deal of patience.  It comes down to expectation and really being mindful of those expectations so to maintain a positive disposition because as soon as I lose my patience no good can come from that!  How can I be more compassionate to myself in that instant when I can’t perform what I want to?  I can step away and certainly take time for some deep breathing to start!  Four rounds of four deep inhalations and four deep exhalations with pauses in between each breath can bring me back to a state of calm and poise.  Alternatively, using an Aura-Soma pomander or quintessence is another excellent tool to help change the energetic situation and bring things back from negative to positive.

The next time you lose your patience, think of a cunning fox stalking his prey.  He’s not hasty.  He crouches patiently with tried and tested tactics and uses the best strategy taking his time waiting for the ideal moment!  Be a positive fox and be patient!

Aura-Soma tip – Use the white pomander to bring in light, renewal and clear perception. Orange pomander can help bring about a relaxed point of view when dealing with technical appliances. Turquoise pomander is particularly helpful for technology in general and helps maintain a playful attitude.