Generosity. What would the world be without generosity? Better question, what would the world be with MORE generosity? Imagine a world where everyone was generous with their time, their money, their efforts and their love. The colour green certainly comes to mind. Thinking of Mother Gaia and her beautiful trees giving us the very breath to live. Mother Gaia certainly doesn’t expect anything in return. However, living in spiritual harmony is how we can express our gratitude to her and at the same time how we can create freedom for ourselves. Expressing our true nature by living our integrity help us to be and live within our heart space. Living in our heart space allows for the emotional space for generosity to occur.

To give without expecting anything in return is a wonderful thing. Sure, receiving thanks is acknowledgment of our efforts. However, the act of giving with the expectation to receive something in return can bring about remorse. Better to give without expecting anything in return for the act of giving is the joy in itself. If more of ourselves came from this space, the more this perfection of generosity would exist on our planet Earth. Why? The answer is so simple. It FEELS GOOD to give.

Acts of generosity can be small tokens like warning the woman next in the queue for the toilet that there’s no toilet paper left; holding the door for a lady with a pram; and buying the Big Issue magazine. Offering time to a friend or member of the family to help finish a project around the house; helping a colleague at work get a better understanding of a situation; and volunteering for an organisation like collecting donations are all examples of generosity. Is one act more worthy than another? All acts are equal. Each offer of generosity is coming from the same space…the heart.

When we live in our heart space, acts of generosity are part of the flow process. To be generous is to be kind. Being kind is to come from love. Connecting to one-another creates a world with zero separation, a world of love. If you “feel” the urge to help, you help. If you don’t have the time to help, often just the generous act of listening to someone can be enough. This is still creating a connected environment which could be all that is needed at that point in time. When we give freely in the moment, this generosity goes a long way. Absolutely for the receiver however in the end it’s the one who is giving receives so much.

The amount of joy that one receives from giving is so infectious it’s surprising to me that that this perfection in humanity is not yet realised. Of course, we need to give to ourselves most of all because to help oneself is the greatest gift we can give to our evolution as no-one knows ourselves better than what we do. To come from the space of love in all that we do.

Let’s do our best to give of ourselves, to give to ourselves and to others freely. What can you do today to be helpful?

Aura Soma Tip – Green Pomander – Use this pomander to connect to the grid structure of Earth, the energy lines and to help shift our resonance to connect our heart with the Earth.