Energy. It’s like our own personal commodity. It allows us to do all that we do or not do. Without energy, very little gets done. Having heaps of energy, stacks get done. Hence it’s very important to manage your energy wisely so that you can keep a constant level of energy rather than having to swing between high and low energy.

Setting up a routine to build energy reserves is essential. Practising yoga and meditation are amazing tools to do this. Both practices help you to manage your energy day to day. For those that need more encouragement try a restorative yoga class to get you going. Have you ever been? Wow! The benefits of resting your head whilst doing an asana is not only transforming in the moment but also extremely beneficial to build up your energy storehouse for many moments to come.

Meditation is an effective method to build up one’s energy. By giving time for yourself to sit, you are allowing your body, mind and spirit the opportunity to connect and renew. Here you can assess your chakras (energetic centres) and with practice or with specific chakra balancing techniques you can very quickly and easily harmonise your energy centres to encourage function at optimal range.

Chanting & visualisation of chakra colours are effective methods to harmonise one’s energetic being. Stewart Pearce offers some lovely guided meditations and can be very effective to boost one’s energy within a matter of 15 minutes! This is especially useful for people who have done little or no meditation previously. For inspiration – Sound of the Soul Chakra Harmonics, Stewart Pearce, Alchemy of Voice

Of course most exercise helps to boost one’s energy. Taking your dog for a walk, going to a Pilates class or visiting the gym on a regular basis can certainly help to build one’s energetic nature. Do whatever works for you and if you haven’t got a regular routine look to people around you that do have energy and a smile – ask them what they do. It may be the motivation that you need!

Managing your energy gives you the capacity to continue to strive diligently towards achieving your goals providing you with the essential ingredient of perseverance. Of course this perseverance builds strength which helps to build one’s courage to take on the world!

Are you lacking drive? Follow your passion and you’ll soon notice your momentum changing for the better. Often it’s just a matter of changing things up and making a positive commitment to yourself on a daily basis.

Aura Soma tip – Red Pomander – Using the red pomander helps us to connect with our passion, build one’s energy and stop doing what no longer serves us.