There certainly is something to be said to have determination in this Earthly life for without it we wouldn’t get far. To get stuff done we must invoke determination, get to the very grit within our being and dig deep to stay the course in whatever the situation, pursuit or goal we want to accomplish. Firstly we must have self belief and there needs to be strong motivation. Without having self confidence and the right motivation it’s very tricky to keep up our determination.

To begin anything we need a solid plan. Spring is a good time to start planning for the cycle ahead, like planting of seeds. If we can think about this analogy of planting, we need to look at the conditions and have a good set up from the beginning to ensure success. Then when things get tough we’ve got a solid foundation and no matter what is thrown at us we can be resolute and use our iron-will to get us through.

The power of intention is very useful and can help from beginning to end. When we set our intention say for our intended goal we need to look closely at achieving that goal and imagine we have already manifested that goal. Then at this point we can work backwards and plan accordingly. Imagine what it’ll be like when you’ve achieved this goal…what will it look like; what will you notice; what will you feel; what are you sensing; and what are the points to remember to bring back with you for the entire journey to keep you sustained for the ride. Consider the use of a vision board for further inspiration in terms of planning.

It may be helpful to break big projects into smaller bite sized chunks so you can let go of overwhelm and reward yourself continuously by achieving each small step along the way. Each accomplishment can act to fuel your persistence; your determination to keep going and stay the course. Another rule of thumb to fulfil your dreams is to spend one hour every day working towards fulfilling your dreams and you’ll soon achieve success.

Along the way though we need to remember to be kind to ourselves and others. We need to think of ourselves as soft as a flower and remind ourselves of the gradual process of the flower blooming from a bud. Also, to acknowledge that we need to be firm as a rock. We need to be unwavering in our thoughts and be clear about our direction so that each task presents itself in flow once the last task is complete. Pay zero attention to doubts and focus on your strengths.

I believe the perfection of determination certainly is accompanied also by being highly principled. One must stick to promises and priorities. Do the hardest tasks first when you’re fresh and have clarity rather than going for the easy picking fruit.

Remember slow and steady wins the race! Let go of procrastination and commit to action! Always celebrate your successes!

Aura-Soma tip – Use the white pomander for renewal and clear perception. The red pomander to stimulate enthusiasm & interest. Or the royal blue pomander to open your imagination, to get in touch with your intuition and to assist with communication difficulties.