Morality. What is morality? Where does it come from? Morality is a sense of goodness and rightness that comes about deep within us. Of course, having parents who taught us right from wrong was the initial conscious learning of this perfection in this life. However, morality is deeply embedded in our DNA. We know from our actions when something is either good or bad. As a consequence of our our actions we either feel good or bad. As adults, we as individuals need to move to this space of what is morally right so that we can take responsibility for creating a world that is GOOD. A world that is full with love.

So how does one build up a sense of morality? Practising yoga helps to build discipline for not only the body but also for the mind. Attending to the Self helps to build consciousness and from that comes awareness, self awareness. We learn how to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions: to be self reliant. Treating each other how we want to be treated is a great space to start from. This universal right way of living comes from not harming any living creature in either thought, word or deed. This right way of living goes a lot deeper than just being polite.

Our thoughts are very powerful. They are living energies in their own right. My parents always said ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say, better to say nothing at all’. This is what politeness is. However, what happens if you still have unwholesome thoughts? Well, this is where maturity comes in and an opportunity for yourself to self reflect. Where are these thoughts coming from? Is this something that I don’t like within myself? Better to thank the person for the lesson (silently is fine) and resolve to find the answer within. In return by you addressing the issue within creates the space for the other person to find their own solution, for them to resolve their issue and for oneself to learn a greater lesson.

Taking time to observe the Self like taking the time to meditate, can be another useful tool to actively cleanse the mind and body. This teaches self reliance and allows our Inner Teacher to come through. The more that you allow this Inner Teacher to reveal itself, the more trust for oneself is available and consequently this will be reflected back to you by others in your life for they too will come from this space.

What can you do differently today that will bring a sense of goodness?

Aura Soma Tip – Turquoise Pomander – Using the turquoise pomander can assist with the process of individuation and can encourage us to be with ourselves disengaging from unhealthy patterns.