How can we overcome our challenges?

My amazing friend Ivana likes to use the saying “We can’t read the label if we’re inside the jar”. This is very much the case when we’re caught up in the ‘story’ of what is happening to us. However, when we step away from engaging with the ‘story’ and see it for what it is trying to teach us, we can then observe the label and read the contents of the jar so-to-speak.

Fortunately, the Divine is always ever-present within us offering us signs along the way to help us through life. However, we do have to shift our mindset even if it is simply resetting our focus on the solution rather than the problem. Most of the time we just need to learn to become receptive, surrender and let go.

No matter what stage you’re at, meditation is always the best method to do this. To begin, it’s learning to slow down & still the mind. A consistent meditation practice helps us to become aware of the selves that are often ‘running the show’. When we train the mind, learning to stop the incessant thoughts, we can then pay attention more clearly to the signs that are often offered to us when we get up from meditation throughout the day or during the meditation itself. We learn that solutions come about more readily by themselves when we stop identifying with the problems – it’s just a matter of getting our ‘selves’ out of the way and becoming familiar with the wise self (the golden area) within. We can then address any drama of the karma we are faced with, deal with our own fears and in return be at peace (sapphire blue) with ourselves & the world.

Opportunities for growth

Our challenges are indeed our opportunities for growth. In actual fact our greatest challenge often turns into being our greatest gift to the world! Working with our greatest challenge we know the subject intimately and we can learn to appreciate how much we have indeed learnt along the way as we face each step.

Sometimes, we can feel though that our challenges are all too hard, that we’re all alone and that no-one understands. However, no man is an island. We live in a community. Hence, we need to look out for one another and treat others as we would like to be treated. We need to reach out and let people know that we’re there to listen. People who are good listeners know that they don’t need to ‘fix the problem’. They know they just need to be there.

Other than avoiding the problem fixers (best friends, husbands, wives!!!), many people often don’t want to open to others as they feel they will be judged. It can be often tricky living in the third dimension especially when there is judgement as it causes us so much pain. However, when we live by the ancient adage “Judge not, less you be judged”, things become a little easier. We create space for ourselves and others around us. When we can do this balance in our lives comes about more readily and forgiveness is a real option. When we learn to forgive we learn the art of compassion for our ‘selves’ and others.

As The Ascension Coach, my role is to be 100% impartial to facilitate and guide you to realise your own wisdom. Through all modalities we can together uncover and discover what you need to ascend to your highest potential.

Aura-Soma Tip: The Gold Pomander helps us to tap into and trust our innate wisdom whilst releasing irrational fears. The Lady Portia Quintessence assists us with mercy and non-judgement. It helps bring right action through clear thinking.