The Colour Olive – Apply the 5 levels to your being

Olive Aura-Soma Overview

  1. Symbolic – Olive Branch (plus the tree & fruit), Bamboo
  2. Spiritual – Holy Spirit, Goddess
  3. Mental – Hope, Intuitive teacher, Feminine Leader
  4. Emotional – Feminine Leadership of the Heart
  5. Energetic – Bridging energy (a bridge between the solar plexus & the heart)

My man Alex is a hunter (he’s Italian & has been brought up with hunting through the family tradition).  Yes, I know, it’s quite weird, a vegetarian (actually pescatarian – I eat fish & seafood) since the age of 15, that I would wind up living with a hunter!  The thing is opposites attract & he is my direct opposite.  I think most people who know me know that my favourite colour is magenta; well of course, Alex’s favourite colour is olive!  Magenta is the opposite colour on the colour wheel to olive, or how we like to phrase it in the Aura-Soma world, it’s complementary.  The complementary colour is the hidden colour story that can be often overlooked.  So it stands to reason on an energetic vibration that Alex & I are match here too (and that he has much to teach me).  It’s funny when Alex is dressed head to toe in olive & I’m dressed head to toe in magenta!

My relationship with Alex has taught me a great deal about the colour olive.  Most people who know Alex know him to be a “manly” man but they also know that he is very kind-hearted with a sweetness of spirit (he’s had his spiritual tests very early on in life).  Alex is always willing to extend the olive branch out to others, offering help to others.  He’s very considerate with everyone he meets being very receptive & responsive to what’s happening around him.  It is this gentle and supportive strength that we more associate with the feminine nature.  This is what appeals to me as being quite powerful in a man, that he has this balance of both the feminine & masculine in his being.

It is this balance that I have be wanting to work on.  The masculine energy drive is something that comes quite naturally to me.  As soon as I left an all girls school of 13 years, I went into studying Building & Construction.  I was so happy to leave that world because with the men there was no “bitching” and people said what they meant, although it was quite the contrast where the emotional world was almost barren.  

For the last 17 years I have been working within the technology world, continuing to live in the yang, masculine world, dominated by men.  To be seen in this world as a woman, I thought I had to push & fight my way like a man because I was living with where the boys club ruled and I was being overlooked.  However, over the last 5 years, things started to shift.  I realised that I’d never be able to “win” their game trying to be like them.  Instead my inner strength & power could be expressed by embracing my feminine qualities, the yin, to lead like a woman, to trailblaze my own path.  It meant standing up for what I believe in rather than accepting the status quo but doing it in a way that was graceful, kind and considerate.  It meant using both the power of the magenta qualities (the grace, the love from above, putting love into the little things & working with the Divine) and the power of the olive (hope, optimism, goddess energy – creative, feminine & intuitive way).

In the past, I had harboured resentment and bitterness towards the “system” & men, particularly men in leadership roles, who had felt threatened by powerful women.  I lived out how things were not fair & equal.  Being dissatisfied with how “things” were it meant that I remained stuck & played into this energy.  However, now with the rise of the feminine and divine timing, the energy on the planet is starting to shift and finally the bitterness of the olive is transforming into sweetness.  I am awakening to the power of my heart, letting go of these ill feelings; I am learning to defy the system and create new rules that suit me.  To trust in mySelf and know that I am doing the right thing, for me.  I am no longer competing in the world of ego.  I no longer need anyone’s approval, especially a man’s approval.  I am living with what is the power of wholeness…accepting all parts of myself.  I am learning to listen to what my soul wants.

The more I awaken to this feminine, goddess energy, the more I give myself the power to listen to my intuition and follow my inner quest.  This means I give myself full permission to be me.  I forgive the men & the past associated systems as they provided the lessons for me to dig deeper within myself to find another way.  In doing so, I am learning, like many women, to find what it means to be balanced with the roles of the masculine & the feminine nature.  

With an unencumbered heart, I am learning to be flexible (like bamboo) and adapting to what’s in front of me.  I’m allowing the laughter & joy to lead the way and I’m not apologizing for it!  O – LIVE!  In the past I thought I needed to blend in and remain small.  I realise now my playing small wasn’t helping the world, me or anyone else!  In fact, the more responsive and present I am following my own individual direction, leading from my own heart, the more I am encouraging others to do the same.  As we do this we connect with our true purpose consequently connecting to the Earth.  As we learn to care for her needs, we work out what we too need for harmony & to fully experience this life.  It is grounding of spirit on Earth.  The true power of the Holy Spirit is the hope that we need.   

Tip:  Use the Olive Green pomander to assist you on your inner quest; to find your truth & direction.  It’s helpful for one’s empowerment and to lead from the heart.