Jikara Liddy

When I was a little girl I had a revelation. I saw my life in my hands. It was glimpse in time; past present & future. I realised looking at my hands (that were previously all crinkly from being in the pool) that lines remained on my palm and all over my hands. It was in this instant that I knew that my life was in my hands…That I was responsible for my life. In wanting to share my exciting news with the adults in that moment, I forgot what I was going to say and in that next instant I retreated inwards for a very long time. An introvert at age 5, I swore to myself that day that I would always remember that moment in time and that I would continue my quest to explain that insight and be a witness to this “personality” playing itself out. I became conscious of my being here on Earth.

My hands continued to fascinate me as a very young child. I remember during school prayers and readings from the bible that I was always looking down checking out my hands. In school assembly every morning instead of closing my eyes in prayer, I was observing my hands. At the same time, I remember thinking “How do I get to be like this Jesus Christ guy? How come I haven’t met anyone like him yet? He walks on water, heals the sick and feeds the masses…that sounds amazing…He must know his life is in his hands!” Of course, I would never NEVER share my thoughts with anyone around this. For one, no-one seemed to like assembly so I couldn’t get excited about it and two, I couldn’t possibly be ridiculed again for forgetting what I was going to say. So I decided to keep my thoughts to myself and my potential open.

I listened. I listened attentively. Watching, learning and listening for clues on what was a burning desire to understand the purpose of my being. The only material I could find that somehow referenced magical powers were witchy books in the Junior School library written by Ruth Chew. After I had finished reading all of those, there was nothing else I was interested in. The years rolled on and I finished school to realise that I was still no closer to understanding how to walk on water and do any of that cool stuff! Of course, I still didn’t discuss my number one pursuit with anyone because anytime someone started talking about religion it was considered goofy or there was a stigma associated with it especially with my catholic raised friends! I did however stumble across some palmistry and hand analysis books in my mid teens and learnt indeed that our lives are represented in our hands! Better still, I learnt that the lines on our hands can change and that our hands are like a canvas…they reflect back all our thoughts and emotions…that you can change the course of your being!

One day when I was 18, I wandered into a little spiritual shop….you know, those new age shops with lots of crystals, incense and candles…I was looking around and noticed a flyer for Gnana Yoga (union by knowledge). It was a 6 week meditation course. I thought to myself “Ok, now we’re getting somewhere!” Of course the information was exactly what I needed to learn and was an excellent starting point to find out how the mind works and commence the true exploration of “Who Am I?”. After the course had come to an end there were ongoing practice sessions. I did entertain these but I became increasingly struck with trepidation. Fortunately, being streetwise, I questioned the leaders when they displayed behaviours that their way was the only way saying things like ‘no-one else understands…you’ve got us now as your support’. Oh O! Alarm bells! What have I got myself into…Is this a cult? I learned very quickly, that I already had a supportive network with friends and family…I just had a burning desire to discover myself…there was no need for me to entertain just one way of being!

image of Jikara Liddy, surrounded by tall plants and vibrant orange flowersSo with a little nugget of gold (some wisdom I had gained via meditation and study) and daily practice, I thought to myself “Well, to have a fit mind, I need a fit body!” So I set out in search of a teacher who could teach me the ways of Hatha Yoga (union by body/mind control). As luck would have it, I was guided to a wonderful teacher Mark Gibson, a senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher. From the first class I attended, I knew I wanted to be a Yoga Teacher! I was challenged, I experienced joy and I laughed at myself. I felt amazing at the end of the class, like a jeanie walking on air and thought to myself “Ok, here’s where I’ll learn to fly!” I borrowed books and became very curious about kundalini energy. Guided by my humble teacher, I learnt very early that everything happens in divine right timing so there was no hurry to search for things one is not ready for. Instead I turned my attention to literally straightening my spine with asana work and supporting myself on all levels rather than chasing supernatural abilities. I realised these “gifts” that I had been seeking since school assembly came about by earnest search & practice of the Self as more a by product and seeking “gifts” as the end goal would certainly not lead to enlightenment! Luckily, I focused on having ‘Spine for Life’ and all that could entail physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. I have coined this phrase and allowed it to guide me to dig deeper within my multidimensional being for some time now.

When I was 20 years old, my sister, Janoel experienced a terrible accident. Janoel was trapped in a house fire and suffered third degree burns to seventy percent of her body. After one week of her being conscious it was time to admit Janoel into the intensive care unit to address her wounds. Janoel was unconscious for two months whilst undergoing countless skin graft operations. She was kept alive by a PEEP system for her breathing and we knew that it had been too long to sustain her being and she wasn’t getting closer to coming out of her deep sleep. I could sense she was hovering over her body not knowing what to do. It was imperative for me to do something! I organised for soulful music to be played in her room early on as I knew that the last sense to leave our physical being was one’s hearing but I knew I could do more.

I spoke to my guru at the time and said to him “what can I do?” He told me, ‘you must pose a question to her so she can make a choice as to whether she is to come back down and heal her body or leave her physical body so that she can start the incarnation cycle again’. So I did. Within forty-eight hours touch and go, she did it…Janoel came back into her body and started breathing for herself again!

Wow! I was totally blown away. Here was a woman fighting for her life and against all odds she came back to the land of the living! Amazing…the power of spirit! The power of spoken language! Words can mean everything…but without love they are just words. When I spoke with Janoel, I told her that everyone absolutely loves her and we will help her get through this experience…that she will make it through! Well, she did physically recover. It took 6 months for her full rehabilitation, to learn how to walk again and to do all the normal things we take for granted like brushing one’s teeth. Janoel physically recovered and was back on her feet.

This traumatic experience was a great deal to handle. My parents and I had put aside our own selves for such a long period that we were living in state of shock just happy that Janoel was alive. I think the sight of blisters that were bigger than the size of grapefruits all over her body was possibly the beginning…In short to say, working through this trauma in my own way…I fell into depression for six months. I cried pretty much for 6 months and didn’t leave the house. I thought to myself “What am I doing with my life? What do I stand for? How can I help the planet? How can my sister suffer so badly and just carry on like nothing’s happened? There’s got to be some meaning behind this!!!”

Finally I sought help and after three weeks of anti-depressants to stop me crying and three sessions with the psychologist, I realised that I wasn’t helping myself by using the anti-depressants as I was just putting a bandaid on my feelings. As for seeing the psychologist…I came to my own conclusion that I was having a conversation with myself! It was time for me to take responsibility for actions. I stopped taking anti-depressants and seeing the psychologist and put myself back in the driver’s seat. I went back to yoga and started meditation again. In making that decision, I took back ownership of my life again. I was empowered. Shortly after I came across a spiritual festival at a local town hall. It was there I came across Kinesiology (the study of human movement). I was 22. I had a treatment and at the end of the session the therapist said to me “You know what your problem is? It’s financial…You need to sort out your finances and you need to understand your relationship with money. Sorting out your finances will give yourself more choices for this life.”

So of course, not only did I read books like ‘Think & grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill and ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins, I took up studying Kinesiology because it made so much sense. Boy, did I save myself a lot of mental energy going to see the Kinesiologist rather than the psychologist! Life was revealing to me the multi-dimensional layers – that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. I learned one must look at all layers of being…not just the mind…that we are not our minds…that way of thinking just keeps us trapped in the mental plane, like a rat stuck in a cage not knowing the way out.

image of Jikara Liddy, in nature, with her arms outspread, face turned to the skyAround the same time, by divine intervention, I met Dorothea my Reiki Master and within months I became a Reiki Channel. One of the best things for me about Reiki, is my teacher Dorothea. What an amazing Human Angel. Dorothea is literally love in action; she’s actually a great representation of Karma Yoga (union by action). She doesn’t set a price for healings, it’s all by donation. Dorothea believes that people pay what they think it is worth. The love that she bestows on our planet to all inhabitants is truly divine. Amongst other things, Dorothea taught me the secret of smiling, “It’s catchy” she says. Smile and the world smiles with you. This is one of the best lessons I have been reminded of in this life; what a blessing to meet and work with a spectacular being of light!

I also took up studying astrology in my early twenties. I wanted to understand my nature of being with more clarity and uncover my life lessons from a higher perspective. I wanted to know more about the Self…how the planets impact our lives…to learn as individuals how we all tick…why we are all so different & yet so much the same. Most importantly, I wanted to know what it was that I was here to do and when exactly things were going to happen! The more I studied the astrological world, I realised that there were many possibilities, probabilities and less certainties! Plus, an all important finding, exact timing in the mystical world doesn’t necessarily match up with our linear world. However the more I studied and let go of control, the more I learnt I could position myself for opportunities and I soon realised I had much work to do!!!

At the age of 27, I thought it was best time for me to gain my certification for teaching yoga so I set out on that course. I presented my yoga teacher six months worth of notes from his classes and he knew I was serious about becoming a trainee. I put Kinesiology to the side as I thought I couldn’t exactly share my life experience as there was little worldly experience had! I worked my way through Yoga Teacher Training whilst working in telecommunications to pay the bills. I continued on my spiritual journey under a wonderful Jupiter influence for many years. I certainly started to gain some life experience! My world was expanding. Undertaking Iyengar Yoga teacher training allowed me to develop discipline, scrutinise the persona and strip the ego back. I became aware of my consciousness and was very conscious of my being.  The introvert in me found a platform for true Self-Expression.

Assessment to gain my Yoga teaching certification certainly rattled my nerves though…Spine for life? Hmmm…Why is something that is supposed to be peace filled becoming so stressful!? Ah, would that be…doing too much? Working a full time job with managing a couple of hundred projects, teaching two classes a week, training every day…would that be the reason why my resting pulse was double time? I may have had too much energy and burning the candle at both ends…

Fortunately for me, I came across another Human Angel, Nicole, an Acu-Energetics (energetic healing modality) therapist who really helped me to learn to feel my way through life.  Nicole helped me to integrate many things I had previously learnt whilst learning the art of forgiveness. Most importantly, I became empowered once again, for I took ownership of my situation and followed up the session work with Tibetan Smiling Meditation. Instead of taking medication, I upped my meditation!  Consistent smiling meditation for 20 minutes every day changed my life. It helped me to keep my heart open and sustain my way of life. Soon enough, I earned my Introduction to Level 2 certification as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher as I learned to how to maintain a healthy balance in my life.

Over the years working as a project manager, I have focused on how to maintain a sense of balance in the corporate world whilst keeping up a positive attitude. As a consequence, I have undertaken many leadership courses, investigated the use of positive psychology through VIA (Virtues in Action) and trained as a coach. I always knew I wanted to be a coach after finishing reading Anthony Robbins’ books…I knew I just needed some more life experience before I went down that path. Of course whilst studying to be a certified coach I have undertaken NLP Practitioner training (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and discovered many benefits of positive programming whilst deepening my comprehension of mindset.

image of Jikara Liddy Colour - Aura Soma bottlesIn the last couple of years I have been really drawn into the world of energetics and colour. I had always wondered what those coloured bottles were at the Theosophical Society Bookstore and finally enquired. I was drawn particularly to turquoise and wanted to learn more why I was attracted to this colour. I was recommended to meet with a Colour Care Consultant, Joan Schmidt and I have not looked back. Within a couple of hours, Joan had taken me on a very deep discovery within myself and I stepped into the light. Aura-Soma is colour therapy for the soul and it was as if I found me way home in that very first consultation. My first equilibrium bottle I used was B13 Space in the new Aeon, clear (white) over green. I learnt a great deal about the heart using this bottle and made many changes in my life by setting the direction of a life I truly wanted to lead. To live my truth, create space for myself and to let go control. In becoming open to all my heart has to offer whilst letting go of “control”, I was fortunate to learn that freedom was waiting for me and my Angels have been actively guiding me ever since.

It is from this space that I walk forward in joy as consciousness. I am here as The Ascension Coach to help you to re-member all your gifts and realise your opportunities so that you can create the life you were born to live. In service, I am here to guide you to ascend into a higher form of living so that you can transcend duality and master all aspects of your lives to live your soul’s true purpose. To remind you that your life is in your hands!

In living freely from our centre we can let go of fear and anxiety, expressing our incarnational star (our true aura) and we can live the lives that we are meant to. It is in this space of awe and wonder that we can create heaven right here on planet Earth. Who knows what could happen collectively living our truth…we all might just find our wings and live here in peace on Earth.  Ain Soph Aur (limitless light).