One of the best ways to experience the potency of essential oils is hands-on via massage.  I offer two varieties of massage using essential oils.


AromaTouch Technique

This is a specialised technique formulated by Dr David K. Hill D.C. using eight of doTERRA’s essential oils and blends.  The dosage & application make it a safe and effective way to receive the full benefits of essential oils.  AromaTouch has been designed to create homeostasis via bringing about a normal inflammation and immune response using essential oils.  Regular monthly treatments are recommended.

Cost $100.

The oils used for stress response are the Balance Blend & Lavender.
The oils used for immune response are Tea Tree & On Guard.
The oils used for inflammation response are AromaTouch & Deep Blue.
The oils used to promote homeostasis are Wild Orange & Peppermint.

The massage treatment is approximately 1 hour.


Infinity Chakra Balance Massage

This balancing technique has been formulated by Cilla Maden, Collaborative Healing.  This technique uses a pendulum to confirm a choice of 3 oils for each chakra (listed below).  The process is enhanced with using crystals, affirmations and the infinity sequence.  This massage technique has been designed to balance your body’s life energy so life is more effortless; stabilize the power of the healing energy within to promote wellness; fosters deep relaxation; and is supportive in times of rough periods in life around health, relationship & emotional issues.  Receive a roller ball blend to follow up the session.

Cost $120 massage + Rollerball $30 = $150 Total

The massage treatment is approximately 1 hour.