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Have you ever come across a doTERRA Wellness Advocate?  If yes, you’ll probably notice a few similarities: they are passionate about their health, they’re glowing and they’re positive.

The further you go in the doTERRA world, the more you see REALLY passionate people & glowing on a whole other level that’s really rather exciting & intriguing.

Once you make the decision to move forward and share the oils, dreaming of the best version of yourself, it’s up to you how long it’s going to take to reach your true goal.

It will take commitment, drive, dedication, persistence, transparency, ability to have lots of fun, be prepared to feel really good all day long experiencing a world of contrast, be diligent, be ready to personally grow off the richter scale and take full responsibility.

If you’ve been in sales, a personal assistant or a project manager, you’ll likely have all these qualities and we’ll teach you to feel good all day long.

I say we because I’m part of a group called the Lifeforce Collective and this is a growing group of like-minded people who are committed to sharing their passion about health so they are available to you at anytime through the Facebook Community.

Can you think of one thing that you could talk about all day long that you could combine with essential oils?  If the answer is yes, then you’re out of the gates and running.  And I would love to run alongside you.  Or we can walk, skip, jump, play – whichever way, as long as it’s FUN!

My background is corporate, so if this is the same for you too, then we’re likely to be a good match as I would love to share in large groups & awaken as many “lights” as possible.

We are awakening to a new level of being and these essential oils are the most potent, purest, energetic products that we have access to lift humanity to the highest level of light on mass.

Imagine the difference in group energies in an office space when people reach for peppermint oil instead of chocolate for an afternoon pick-me-up or when people use the Forgive Blend on their hearts after a challenging conversation instead of harbouring anger & resentment.  We have the ability to help people to empower themselves & lift their spirits all by sharing our love for these amazing doTERRA essential oils.


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