A very dear friend suggested that I make my blogs more personable.  So here is my attempt to hold strong with sharing the facts separately at the end of this article with the Gold overview so that you, the reader, can obtain the essence & the different levels of the Gold to apply to your being in case “my story” gets in the way whilst I share a somewhat alternative approach to my blog!

When I found out that my Intellect Angel was Haamiah (phonetic pronunciation ha-AH-mee-YAH) my Aura-Soma teacher, Joan Schmidt, said something like “Well, of course it is!  You are the lady of all things ritual, how perfect!”  As I calibrated this information I thought to myself, ‘Ah yeah, it’s all about ritual as soon as I wake up’.

Ever since an epiphany experienced at age 5, I have had a burning desire to share the light however for a long time I have struggled with my sense of self worth with not feeling good enough.  I manifested a stuttering problem around the same age and struggled with confidence especially talking in front of group.  As the years passed, I went in search to find a sense of ease and to understand a sense of myself.  What I didn’t know then, I certainly know now…Is that I was looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow.  You know the one…the spiritual pursuit that uncovers everything that you think you need to know and then one day you realise you need to unlearn everything you know!

Well, fortunately for me it all started with meditation.  That was my first ritual that I committed to.  In the beginning it was just 5 minutes/day when I was 18 years old.  Then I started bringing in the ritual of my yoga practice.  Both of these practices in themselves started out very simple on a practical physical level but fast forward 20 plus years, many other benefits have appeared.  A sense of self worth becomes real.  In committing to myself, connecting with spirit, I created a level of trust with my own innate wisdom.  

Over the years I have created many rituals in my life whether it’s singing the 72 Angels throughout the day, sitting down to eat breakfast with my homemade muesli, to meeting up with my Violet Flame Faery Queen sisters each month to purposefully undertake group ritual to going to the Japanese bath house (now there’s a ritual in a ritual) to affirming mantras/affirmations on a daily basis…whatever the ritual that is there in my life is to engage in positive self care.  Through giving to myself, creating the time for ritual I am able to address issues around self acceptance.  In times of stress or when feeling out of alignment often it’s just a matter of coming back to a simple belly (the home of the Gold) breathing ritual and loving whatever arises.  

Spirituality is very important to me.  Having a sense of connection with spirit is being in touch with our true aura. Rather than chasing for the elusive pot of gold, I choose to celebrate now instead.  I guess that’s why all the texts revert back to the importance of living in the present moment.  It’s amazing what happens in the letting go & letting God!

Gold Pomander tip:  Using the gold pomander helps to tap into & trust your innate wisdom by releasing irrational fears.  It helps to break down habitual and emotional patterns through addressing fears, especially fear of the unknown.  The gold pomander helps to elevate joy and deep wisdom.

Interested to learn more about applying ritual & ceremony to your life to bring out your gold?  Look out for details in upcoming months for workshops in Melbourne.  Send me an email for any questions at jikara@theascensioncoach.com

Gold Overview

Aura-Soma Colour-Care System

  1. Symbolic: Halo / Nimbus (ring of light)
  2. Spiritual: Wisdom
  3. Mental: Self Value
  4. Emotional: Deep Joy / Ecstasy
  5. Energetic: Incarnational Star (found at the site of the first cell, two fingers width above the navel and two finger widths inside) and True Aura (surrounds the Incarnational Star and contains the hologram for the life)

  • Aura-Soma bottle: B41 Wisdom Bottle / El Dorado (Gold/Gold)

Keynote: As we fill the cup within ourselves, it is able to overflow within the world.  Wisdom   realised and shared.

  • Affirmation: “I see in front of me the gold at the end of the rainbow.  My whole being fills with light”
  • Associated Tarot Card: 10 of Cups (Water element, Abundance, Celebration)
  • 72 Angel: #38 Haamiah (Angel representing Ritual & Ceremony)
  • Tree of Life / The Kabbalah: The Water World in Malkuth (10th Sphere representing Assiah, The Physical World – That which is fully manifested)
  • Ascended Master: Lady Portia (mercy & non-judgment)