Spiritual Coaching

The first coaching session will be approximately 75-90 minutes. Coaching sessions thereafter will be 60 mins.
Sometimes there will be homework to follow up after the coaching session. My preference is to have the client task themselves as a result from the coaching session. Depending on the client and their current state of growth I will recommend from time to time to complete some written exercises to enable the client to design their ideal life.
How many coaching sessions required will depend on the client and their level of committment to themselves and the coaching process. For some people a total of 3 sessions is all they need to get themselves on track. For most of us, regular coaching on a weekly or fortnightly basis is necessary as a method of support.


Consultations for Aura Soma will be approximately 90 minutes in length.

The client will choose a total of 4 equilibrium bottles. These bottles are a reflection of the client and as a result will be discussed as the basis for the consultation. At the end of consultation the client can choose take home any or all of the bottles which is an additional charge to the price of the consultation. Pomanders and Quintessences (plus other products) will also be recommended to support their bottle selection for the client to purchase in addition to the consultation to continue the work after the session.

These different coloured bottles are the basis of the Aura Soma session and the colours chosen in the bottle help bring clarity to the associated chakras. They help balance our system, restoring the wavelengths within, through resonance with their own pure wavelengths. The equilibrium bottles work with the physical body, balancing and aligning our physical energies. Depending on the bottle chosen, there will be a specific instruction for how to apply.

Pomanders exist for most of the colours in the equilibrium range. Pomanders work within and affect the auric field, specifically energising the bio-energetic and electromagnetic fields surrounding the physical body. The intention of the pomander is to introduce the positive energies of the colour. They are effective tools to reenergize, affirm and protect our light body.

Quintessences work specifically with the astral fields beyond the etheric body. They assist us to align with the Ray Masters and facilitate the flow of energy from the inner planes.
CLICK HERE to download instructions for easy printing & use
CLICK HERE  to download instructions for easy printing & use
CLICK HERE to download instructions for easy printing & use.

The ingredients vary for each bottle however the components include water, oil, plant, gem & mineral energies, and natural colourings . The products are safe for external use.

Appointment Scheduling and Payment of Fees: Cancellation without charge requires 48 hours notice prior to appointment. Payment will be made prior to  commencement of session and is non-refundable once session has taken place.