Corporate Wellness

Introductory Class 

Gather a group of your office work mates & book in a class on your Friday lunch break.

Session in the park are possible in summer time!


  • boardrooms are doable
  • Standard office meeting room with seated circle are cosy
  • Kitchens are generally good

During this 1 hour session, I will walk you through a checklist from day to night how you can incorporate the use of essential oils to high power your day no matter what the situation.

Different options available for your group:

  • standard hourly group rate $250/hour (plus materials)

Standard Fee waived if:

  • Sign up with a business account ordering Nature Solutions Kit. Ask your staff what oils they would like to have to extend the office kit
  • Sign up with a business account & purchase an Emotional Aromatherapy Kit & supply x20 staff members with a sample & rollerball. Add x 20 Rollerballs at $20.  Add x3 bottles of Fractionated Coconut Oil $16.50 each.
  • Guarantee minimum x3 people signing up with kits

All attendees receive sample & gift

The organiser will receive free introductory gift of Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint.

All sign-ups with kits receive Keyring Samples (various oils).

All new members who sign up for 3 consecutive months with LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) with 125PV (Point Value) receive a Free Ascension Energetic Support Kit. Click here for more details.

Ongoing Workshops

Essential Oil Rollerball Workshops

  • Power & Purpose
  • Ease & Grace

These workshops are designed to empower individuals to create their own rollerball blend depending on their own specific needs either aligned to Power & Purpose or Ease & Grace.  Participants receive affirmation along with their own rollerball blend.

Read more about this workshop here

72 Angels / Essential Oil Classes & Workshops

Learn how to uplevel your use of essential oils when combining these with the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah.  Work with your birth angels – Guardian, Heart & Intellect Angels.  Plus other various ways to combine the 72 angels & essential oils.

More information >

Self Care Workshop & Classes

Combining coaching, positive psychology, yoga, guided meditations, colour & essential oils – A workshop / class designed specifically to help your group’s needs.