Coaching Agreement

 Confidentiality: I understand that my Coach is prohibited from disclosing any information the client reveals to the Coach.

Appointment Scheduling and Payment of Fees: Cancellation without charge requires 48 hours notice prior to appointment. Payment will be made prior to coaching session commencement and is non-refundable once coaching has taken place.

I understand Coaching with Jikara Liddy is not therapy. I understand that Jikara Liddy is not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or doctor and I will seek appropriate medical or therapeutic help as needed. I understand that working with Jikara may bring up emotional states and I am fully responsible for managing myself and my state. I take 100% responsibility for the actions I take while working with Jikara Liddy.

I enter this relationship taking full responsibility for my participation in it and do not hold Jikara Liddy responsible for my choices. I release Jikara Liddy from any liability or outcomes resulting from coaching.

In between coaching sessions, I understand I can contact Jikara via email as an unlimited resource within reason.

I have read the preceding information and understand my rights as a Client.