Opportunities for Growth

How can we overcome our challenges? My amazing friend Ivana likes to use the saying “We can’t read the label if we’re inside the jar”. This is very much the case when we’re caught up in the ‘story’ of what is happening to us. However, when we step away from engaging with the ‘story’ and see it for what it is trying to teach us, we can then observe the label and read the contents of the jar so-to-speak. Fortunately, the Divine is always ever-present within us offering us signs along the way to help us through life. However, we [...]

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Perfection of Loving-Kindness

My mother has always said 'It doesn't cost anything to be kind' and in that I would have to say she is one of the kindest people that I know. So I'm very lucky to have had this influence all my life. The loving-kindness she shows me as her daughter is the same that she shows everyone. Ok I might be a tiny bit more special in her eyes being her daughter but essentially she treats everyone with the same loving-kindness as that's the way she would like to be treated. What happens when this same loving-kindness isn't reciprocated? It [...]

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Perfection of Energy

Energy. It's like our own personal commodity. It allows us to do all that we do or not do. Without energy, very little gets done. Having heaps of energy, stacks get done. Hence it's very important to manage your energy wisely so that you can keep a constant level of energy rather than having to swing between high and low energy. Setting up a routine to build energy reserves is essential. Practising yoga and meditation are amazing tools to do this. Both practices help you to manage your energy day to day. For those that need more encouragement try a [...]

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