O-Live! Apply the 5 levels to your being

The Colour Olive – Apply the 5 levels to your being Olive Aura-Soma Overview Symbolic - Olive Branch (plus the tree & fruit), Bamboo Spiritual - Holy Spirit, Goddess Mental - Hope, Intuitive teacher, Feminine Leader Emotional - Feminine Leadership of the Heart Energetic - Bridging energy (a bridge between the solar plexus & the heart) My man Alex is a hunter (he’s Italian & has been brought up with hunting through the family tradition).  Yes, I know, it’s quite weird, a vegetarian (actually pescatarian - I eat fish & seafood) since the age of 15, that I would wind [...]

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Yellow to Mitigate the Winter Blues

The Colour Yellow – Apply the 5 levels to your being Yellow Aura-Soma Overview Symbolic - Light Spiritual - Individual Will Mental - Knowledge Emotional - Happiness, Joy Energetic - Solar Plexus   Moving into winter has been epic for many including myself.  Releasing the old on a psychological level, letting go of old attachments that no longer serve us with our preparation for the winter solstice is very much the same as the trees losing their leaves preparing for hibernation to go within to replenish their systems.  It seems every change of season my body takes it upon itself [...]

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Golden Rituals

A very dear friend suggested that I make my blogs more personable.  So here is my attempt to hold strong with sharing the facts separately at the end of this article with the Gold overview so that you, the reader, can obtain the essence & the different levels of the Gold to apply to your being in case “my story” gets in the way whilst I share a somewhat alternative approach to my blog! When I found out that my Intellect Angel was Haamiah (phonetic pronunciation ha-AH-mee-YAH) my Aura-Soma teacher, Joan Schmidt, said something like “Well, of course it is! [...]

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Aura-Soma Colour Coral – Apply the 5 levels to your being

The coral in the ocean is as beautiful as is the colour itself! It’s very poetic that Coral’s complementary colour is Turquoise where we find the actual living coral coinciding in the most majestic turquoise waters. The symbol being its very name gives us a clue to how we might apply this colour to our world. Coral is quite tough on the outside but is actually very soft on the inside and can break very easily by touching it. Coral also lives and thrives as part of a community in the ocean however it is very sensitive to its environment. [...]

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Aura-Soma Red Pomander – Apply the 5 Levels to your Being

What symbol first comes to mind when you think of the colour Red?  Is it the beautiful Red rose the symbol of love?  Is it the Red traffic light indicating time to stop?  Or how about blood representing a vital sign of our very life force? For me, it is the perfect Red rose symbolising the promise of love, romance with the one you love and the passion to sustain love in the world.  That passion can awaken our very being to the core and remind us of the fire within awakening our kundalini life force.  How much energy can [...]

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Opportunities for Growth

How can we overcome our challenges? My amazing friend Ivana likes to use the saying “We can’t read the label if we’re inside the jar”. This is very much the case when we’re caught up in the ‘story’ of what is happening to us. However, when we step away from engaging with the ‘story’ and see it for what it is trying to teach us, we can then observe the label and read the contents of the jar so-to-speak. Fortunately, the Divine is always ever-present within us offering us signs along the way to help us through life. However, we [...]

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Ascension is a collective process

Ascension (which is represented by the colour white) is a collective (coral) process however it comes about through the journey of individuation (represented by the colour turquoise the complimentary colour of the coral). As individuals we are each responsible to face our challenges which have been perfectly designed for each of us for our own soul evolution. We each need to stand up in the face of adversity and recognise we need to honour & acknowledge the role of the Shew, one's Shadow, as a Guardian to Source. It is the Shew, one of the nine bodies of light, more [...]

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Perfection of Equanimity

Definition of Equanimity: (Latin: æquanimitas having an even mind; aequus even animus mind/soul) is a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind. So how can we be calm, serene, unruffled and peaceful with all the chaos in both our inner and outer worlds? This following saying is a practical way to start learning this perfection, 'Respect yourself to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy'. What power there [...]

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Perfection of Loving-Kindness

My mother has always said 'It doesn't cost anything to be kind' and in that I would have to say she is one of the kindest people that I know. So I'm very lucky to have had this influence all my life. The loving-kindness she shows me as her daughter is the same that she shows everyone. Ok I might be a tiny bit more special in her eyes being her daughter but essentially she treats everyone with the same loving-kindness as that's the way she would like to be treated. What happens when this same loving-kindness isn't reciprocated? It [...]

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Perfection of Determination

There certainly is something to be said to have determination in this Earthly life for without it we wouldn't get far. To get stuff done we must invoke determination, get to the very grit within our being and dig deep to stay the course in whatever the situation, pursuit or goal we want to accomplish. Firstly we must have self belief and there needs to be strong motivation. Without having self confidence and the right motivation it's very tricky to keep up our determination. To begin anything we need a solid plan. Spring is a good time to start planning [...]

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