What symbol first comes to mind when you think of the colour Red?  Is it the beautiful Red rose the symbol of love?  Is it the Red traffic light indicating time to stop?  Or how about blood representing a vital sign of our very life force?

For me, it is the perfect Red rose symbolising the promise of love, romance with the one you love and the passion to sustain love in the world.  That passion can awaken our very being to the core and remind us of the fire within awakening our kundalini life force.  How much energy can we have access to?  How do we sustain our energy?  And how do we tender our fire within that it not burn us out but instead stimulate and energise us continuously?

There are 5 levels of colour and sorting these into the different levels allows us to apply greater discrimination of the application of colour.  Here is the Red overview:

  1. Symbolic: Traffic light/Survival
  2. Spiritual: Awakening
  3. Mental: Concentration
  4. Emotional: Passion
  5. Energetic: Earth Star

Red is the first colour to emerge on the visible light spectrum with the longest wavelength hence is the slowest frequency of all the colours.  This leads us to a little secret of this colour and how to apply it…It is a strong force and helps us to build up our energy reserves.  Red helps us to build our foundation, our very survival and is energetically represented by the Earth Star (located under our feet for our connection to the Earth which relates to our karmic relationship to the Earth).

Red is represented as the colour of our base chakra, located at the base of our spine.  When we are grounded, our vitality is strong, we are deeply connected to Gaia (Mother Earth) and consequently we are full of energy.  If one’s energy is depleted, this is a sure sign we need to get back into the physical body to re-energise the self.  Yoga is a great way to get grounded as we focus on the breath to get back into the body as we draw our attention into our base for a firm foundation of each asana (yoga pose).  Another way to build up our energy storehouse is simply spending time in nature walking barefoot on the grass.  Nature is the symbol for the colour Green which is the complementary colour of Red and here symbolically we are giving ourselves the ‘space’ (Green) to ‘stop’ (Red) to connect once again with our being.

Emotionally, Red can represent our frustration and anger, with quite literally a person “seeing Red”.  When angry we can get flushed in the face & we can observe this physically.  On a positive note Red can represent our passion and excitement much like the force on a mental level where the Red acts as a dynamic force as we focus and concentrate our attention.  

Shining light into the Red is the way we intensify this colour which consequently makes the colour Pink representing unconditional love and compassion.  When we soften the Red energy with light we experience the effects of the Pink.

Red Pomander Tip:  Use the Red Pomander to help balance & revitalise your energies.  Using the Red pomander helps bring grounding of purpose and helps to release resentment, anger, frustration and fears especially being out of control, distress, animosity and shyness.