The coral in the ocean is as beautiful as is the colour itself! It’s very poetic that Coral’s complementary colour is Turquoise where we find the actual living coral coinciding in the most majestic turquoise waters. The symbol being its very name gives us a clue to how we might apply this colour to our world. Coral is quite tough on the outside but is actually very soft on the inside and can break very easily by touching it. Coral also lives and thrives as part of a community in the ocean however it is very sensitive to its environment. Funny how this can be applied to us as human beings although we are in a way opposite with coral exterior being hard and the interior fleshy. We as humans can be quite “hard” appearing tough but all in all we are very vulnerable inside & out with most people being very sensitive with their external environment. When we are positively connected with this coral energy, we let people into our hearts & our lives and we become part of a thriving community.

There are 5 levels of colour and sorting these into the different levels allows us to apply greater discrimination of the application of colour. Here is the Coral overview:

Symbolic: Coral
Spiritual: New Man – Love/Wisdom
Mental: Interdependency
Emotional: Unrequited / Holistic Love
Energetic: Electromagnetic field

Not everyone lives though as part of a thriving community. Often people are co-dependent on others, there is unequal give & take and/or people experience unrequited, undeclared or hidden love. When we learn to love and care for ourselves (Pink energy) and trust in the wisdom that lies within ourselves (Gold energy) the gift of the Coral presents itself which is indeed love wisdom. When we experience this love wisdom, we are kind to ourselves and one another which is the way of the “new man” i.e. Kind-Man. This is the love that we need for our ascension to move into the fifth dimension as a new way of life; it is the personal experience of The Christ consciousness but as a collective.

When we are spiritually connected & living and breathing this love wisdom, interdependency can be experienced. We can live in co-operation with one another with equal give & take. We can be detached and work together whilst still retaining our individuality along with oneness with all beings & all things (reflected by the Turquoise experience – process of individuation as the complementary).

As we explore consciousness getting to know ourselves (the Turquoise experience), we learn to be able to communicate from our heart feeling & knowing what we need for ourselves. The most sensitive we are with ourselves, the most sensitive we can then be with others and this allows us emotionally to be vulnerable which can be the greatest gift of inner strength. When we fill our own cup, love is in abundance through loving ourselves we experience Holistic love & ecstasy.

Energetically the coral relates to the electromagnetic field which is the field that the pomanders relate being 3-5cm from the physical body.

Coral pomander tip: Use the Coral pomander for commitment issues especially if associated with insecurity & unrequited love. It helps if feeling oversensitive & helps to release disappointments from past relationships. It helps bring an understanding of how to love and care in a new way.