Ascension (which is represented by the colour white) is a collective (coral) process however it comes about through the journey of individuation (represented by the colour turquoise the complimentary colour of the coral). As individuals we are each responsible to face our challenges which have been perfectly designed for each of us for our own soul evolution. We each need to stand up in the face of adversity and recognise we need to honour & acknowledge the role of the Shew, one’s Shadow, as a Guardian to Source.

It is the Shew, one of the nine bodies of light, more commonly known as the Shadow, that is one of our greatest teachers. Unfortunately, we either play into the darkness of our shadow believing our stories or often we push the shadow side of ourselves away, denying that aspect of ourselves. Instead, we need to acknowledge our Shadow as it is a reflection of the world we create. When we embrace the Shadow we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to be human & divine at the same time. This soul work allows us to connect to our other bodies of light and here opens the portal to Ascension.

When we face our fear and uncover our power (yellow representing the solar plexus, our will-power), we learn to trust in the Divine (which is represented by the olive-green). It is this bridging energy that allows us to access the heart, where we experience unconditional love (pink) and can live our truth (green) accessing our own temple (nine bodies of light). When we transcend (violet) the struggle with duality, we are then ready to step into being an active member of the fifth dimension where love-wisdom (coral) guides the way.

How can I guide you on your journey of individuation?

Life Coaching with a spiritual focus – through the power of conversation with techniques such as NLP (neuro-linguistics programming) we can lift the limits you have set for yourself and free your mind obtaining clarity in all areas of your life
Aura-Soma consultations – through a four bottle colour self-selection we can ascertain exactly what is happening for you and tap into your strengths, reveal obstacles and meet your aspirations in a new light
Acquainting yourself with your Guardian, Heart & Intellect Angels – using your date of birth we can uncover which of the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah that you are aligned with & learn how a new approach to work with your life lessons
Angel Card Readings – the law of attraction always reveals the messages that we need to hear. Working with our Angels and Guides we can tap into higher dimensions and become receptive to the energies available to us

What’s on the horizon for 2016?

Iyengar Yoga classes inspired by Aura-Soma coming soon – let me know if you’re interested if you live close to Coburg, Victoria
Beamer Pen healings – healing with colour. Aura-Soma consultations move from the light box to the healing table! Coming soon…
Colour workshops – working through the rainbow spectrum of colour learn how to apply Aura-Soma for daily life. Places will be limited initially so please let me know if you’re interested to secure your spot.
Angel news – stay tuned!
Ascension Programs – More to be revealed in the near future!
Reiki Healing with crystals, sound (crystal pyramid) and Aura-Soma

Until next time, remember Ascension is an ongoing collective process and we’ve all got our part to play. 2016 in terms of numerology equates to a 9 year which represents a year for completion. This energy shifts us collectively to let go of old patterns and to embrace a brand new world. I encourage you to book in for your free 15 minute Ascension Discovery Session and uncover what it is that you need to focus on this year.

With love and golden sparkles of light with turquoise sprinkles

Aura-Soma tip: The Turquoise Pomander unlocks creativity and helps to bring about creative communication from the heart to the feeling site of your being.

Maha Chohan is the Master of the Turquoise. Use this quintessence for your own inner guidance. Helps bring awareness of feelings to know what best to say.