Angelic & Light Body Activation
Full Day Immersion

Join us on an adventure into the Angelic realm to expand & connect with your Divine Light through the use of nature’s gifts.

It will be a ritual day to launch 72 Angels & Essential Oils Key-Ring Cards in Melbourne

We will focus on the activation of the light body as we journey throughout the day using the Activated Chakra Toolkit, Meditation, Essential oils, Energetic products and Chanting.

Date: Saturday 12 October 2019
Time: Arrive 9.30am for 10am start.  Finish approx 5pm
Location: Garfield North (1hr 15 mins drive / 68 km from CBD South East)
Cost: $280 / Early Bird price $250 if confirmed by 8 October
Organic lunch & morning/afternoon tea provided
Each guest will receive a set of 72 Angels & Essential Oil Key-Ring Cards and the Activated Chakra Toolkit

Book with Jikara: / 0477 741 191

This is an opportunity for you to step into a magical world to experience true alchemy & connect with like-minded people whilst you learn what you need specifically to build your light body  

Book with Jikara: / 0477 741 191

The day will involve learning & attuning your energetic system by working with colour & the chakras.  We will be Vibrating the Cosmos with sound and deepening into our soul journey through guided meditation & creative play.

Experience Faeryland on a beautiful 100 acre property

We will be working specifically with the Guardian (Incarnation) & Heart Angels of the day:
Guardian Angel: 40 Yeiazel for Divine Consolation & Support
Heart Angel:  55 Mebahiah for Intellectual Lucidity

Special note: Activating the energy of Yeiazel will set you up with your Mission here on Earth with Angel 41 Hahahel (which is the first Angel in Tiphareth, the sphere of the heart) commencing on 14 October so that you can attune with the angelic frequency, lift your vibration & connect further with your spiritual path.

Biography of your hosts 

Your Hosts: Cilla Maden, Melisinka Winterson & Jikara Calcagno

Melisinka Winterson (Melbourne)

Melisinka is a Channel for the Divine, a Mystic and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  For over 15 years Melisinka has been working as a spiritual counsellor using the Tarot & active channeling to help clients align with the Divine and activate their unique personal power. She is an experienced leader of women’s ritual & the creator of Aphrodite’s Temple.

Melisinka is passionate about creating beauty on all levels, bringing out & sharing the gifts of the Goddess for the benefit of all.  As a Priestess of the Aquarian Age, she is dedicated to helping people remember who they truly are.

Jikara Calcagno (Melbourne)

From a very early age, Jikara has felt the call to be of service to the Earth & humanity. Through celebration & ritual, Jikara has discovered the power of the Light through Love & Truth. Through the alchemy of sound, light & colour she has discovered the key to accelerating the Ascension process.

 Jikara is the creator of the 72 Angels & Essential Oils Key-Ring Cards. Jikara has been divinely guided to pair each angel of the Kabbalah with an essential oil to enhance the magic further when working with the 72 Angels.  This process came about as she was creating a chakra toolkit (a colour wheel exercise).

Jikara is a Registered Aura-Soma Consultant, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Life Coach, Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Angel Card Reader & Group Facilitator focused on sharing the love, light & truth as a Divine Hue-man being. Jikara is committed to building the light as a community on Planet Earth. She is a devoted educator of energetic tools and a firm believer that when you’re having fun you get more done! or

Cilla Maden (Cairns)

Cilla is a passionate educator of wellness & spirituality.  Currently, Cilla is a Gold Leader with doTERRA & mentors a large team across the eastern seaboard.  Cilla offers her own crafted massage treatment which is a 1 day course to balance the chakra system called “Infinity Chakra Balance” technique using essential oils, crystals, pendulum and sound.  Cilla has also created her own Activated Chakra Toolkit which is a system to balance the body to free the mind.  Cilla is also an AromaTouch practitioner and was taught under the guidance of Dr Hill (leading scientist with doTERRA essential oils).

Cilla is a qualified Aura-Soma Practitioner (completing levels 1, 2 and 3) and is a Colour Essentials Instructor.  In addition, Cilla is a qualified Chakra Balance 1 and 2 Therapist and has completed Level 1 training in Cranial Sacral work with Aura-Soma. Cilla is a loving wife & devoted mother of 2 children.  She is passionate about creating opportunities to share, learn, heal and grow with everyone she comes in contact with.  Cilla holds regular training classes on how to use and work with Essential Oils for balancing body mind and spirit. or

Working / Playing with the 72 Angels & Essential Oils

Learn how to lift your vibration with true alchemy when learning about the power of the 72 Angels combined with Essential Oils.  Jikara will share how to practically apply the Light of the Angels to create more magic in your life. Jikara will be offering knowledge with how to attune with the 72 Angels, that is she will share: 

  • Where the 72 angels were discovered;
  • What the 72 angels are;
  • Who the 72 angels are;
  • Why we call the 72 angels;
  • How to call forth the 72 angels;
  • Ways to work with the 72 angels & the essential oils;
  • Discover your own Birth Angels: Your Guardian (Incarnation) Angel, Heart Angel & Intellect Angel/s; and
  • How to apply daily wisdoms 

You will also receive your own set of 72 Angels & Essential Oil Key-Ring cards

If you wish to learn more about your Birth Angels, Jikara will take bookings for 30 min Zoom discovery calls for $75.00.

Working / Playing with the Activated Chakra Toolkit

Journey through the chakras and the auric body gaining a fresh understanding of the chakra system connected to your light body.  Cilla will share information on how important it is to have your Chakras intune in the current changing times. Cilla will offer the following:

  • A meditation into the energy of the chakra toolkit light codes. 
  • Have your auric system cleased with the use of high vibrational essential oils.
  • Understanding the Auric Fields and their connection to the body.
  • Knowledge on which essential oils support your energy body.
  • Become aware of how to support your chakras on a daily basis.

You will also receive your own Chakra Toolkit on the day.

Working / Playing with the Vortex & Vibrating the Cosmos

“Travel Light, Live Light, Spread the Light, Be the Light” – Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

Join Melisinka in an exploration of what Light Body consciousness actually is, and why it is so important  for us to awaken now, at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius! 

You will be introduced to the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga and the Five Aquarian Sutras that Yogi Bhajan gave specifically for us to get through these times. 

Together we will have an active experience of what it means to Vibrate the Cosmos, and the many benefits that come with being in tune with our higher self. Using mantra and chanting, with maybe a sprinkling of dancing, we will activate our radiance and rise to new levels of joy and vitality!

Melisinka is available for personal and zoom/messenger sessions in channeling and spiritual guidance for $75 half hour and $150 full hour.

Book with Jikara: / 0477 741 191