72 Angels and Essential Oils


The 72 Angels of the Kabbalah originated back in the middle ages by “new age” Kabbalists and have been kept hidden until 1975. The 72 sacred names in Hebrew are three-letter sounds that conjure specific angelic energies. Each angel is considered to be an angle to oneness, and each angel has its own number, name, Divine quality and function, working on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

Working with the 72 angels  is an alchemical process that assists us to fulfill our destiny here on Earth and enhance our awareness of the Divine. They each govern a 5 day period (as the Guardian Angel), throughout the year as well as a certain time period (as the Intellect Angel), and individual days (as the Heart Angel). It is a magical way to connect with the Divine and with the power of Essential Oils we can enhance the process further.

To activate the angel, call them by their name (using the phonetic spelling outlined). The best way is to call on them 3 times out loud. You can sing them if you like, with the emphasis on the capital letters (take your time to feel the resonance that you are creating).

This is a vibrational experience so singing the angels at the start of the day using the corresponding oil is a beautiful way to imbibe the qualities of these angels to set up your day.

Using the essential oil, you can simply put a couple of drops of oil in your hands, rub together & then breathe in the aroma before or during the process to align you with the power of angel.

I was guided to pair these angels and essential oils to help lift our vibration to a new level of consciousness to support our journey with sharing the light & love on Earth.

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Using these cards combined with essential oils is a magical way to connect with the Divine.

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A new Guardian Angel is here 14-18 Oct, Hahahel, for our mission and purpose here on Earth. 😇⭐🌏 Call forth this Angel to ask for support with what you are here to do in this life. If you are not clear, focus on how you do what you do...are you in alignment with bringing heaven to earth? Ask Hahahel to help bring your attention to wisdom, strength & beauty and how these factors are applied in your life. 💚🌳😇 Need a little more help? Use Roman Chamomile essential oil to connect with your spiritual path. 🌼😇🌏💚🌳
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Learn more about your Birth Angels

Now that you have your own 72 Angel & Essential Oil Key-Ring Cards, you may like to explore your Birth Angels in more depth.

I am offering 30 min discovery calls for $75.00 where I will share more about your unique angel’s qualities and how they can help you with your day-to-day life as well as your life purpose.

Benefits include:

  • Guardian Angel (aka Incarnational Angel) to help support your physical wellbeing, your purpose & your will with this incarnation here on Earth;
  • Heart Angel to attune with your heart wisdom, exploring your emotional needs; and
  • Intellect Angel (s) understanding your Divine Mind, utilizing the Divine qualities of your angels to assist you with your thought process.

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Custom Angel Potion $30

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  • Your unique Birth Angel corresponding essential oils
  • Colour essences to up-level the qualities further
  • Crystals
  • All blends activated with Crystal Singing Pyramid for highest potency
  • Base: Fractionated Coconut Oil
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